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Diving !
Diving - It means to be “overboard” is more pleasant, than on it.
A feeling of weightlessness and participation in the nature covers you as soon as you come down in the warm water of Red sea. Only here you can see delightful coral walls, walk on primordial gardens, populated exotic inhabitants, watch so varied and meaningful underwater life. Then and there gigantic sea perches compete in beauty with huge napoleons, angelfish play with butterfly-fish, and blue tiger fish frighten little ones. Shark reef, morays garden, actiniums city, ship wrecks, hard and soft corals – it’s memories for the whole life!
Diving – it’s a reality-show with your participation. Amateurs and professionals, specialists and improving ones! Be sure, for a person with any dive experience (and even without it) there are special programs of underwater swimming – from first view dives till deep dives with special mixes. Have finished one level of difficulty – start the next one. You - the star of reality-show – walk on paradise coral paths with changing live pictures, explore deep canyons and sand hollow, pass labyrinths of caves, descend to places of ship wrecks… And you look great in an elegant tight-fitting suit!
Diving is just that you can make your business partners to do.
If they are already divers you have a reason to become closer friends and unique opportunity to make your business partners also your partners in rest. If neither they nor you never have seen scuba before, begin combined study of diving from the beginning, - students contacts are the most reliable, how a life shows. Besides, among people of your sphere you will always find sympathizers, as soon as you say magic “We are divers…”

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