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Who is he, PADI Instructor
Undoubtedly, it is clear that the instructor PADI, a person who, alone or with help of assistants teach people diving. Instructor PADI, it is above all a man who has come a long way before becoming an instructor. The difficulties which he overcame passing each stage of their training, all the effort and money spent on their education they say first of all that training people to dive for him in the first place does not work, but a lifestyle. Let's see credo instructor PADI, which is printed on the front pages of the instructor manual:
Teaching people to dive, I see how:
• fear gives way to courage.
• ineptitude becomes a skill.
• timidity becomes a certainty
• anticipation turns into passion
Teaching people to dive, I can:
• open the hearts and souls of the people towards the hidden beauty of the builders of Nature and of reminding our duty - to defend it.
• nurture the other person confidence.
• reveal the true meaning of integrity of character and personality
• transform the identity of another person and forever change his life for the better.
"The fact that we see gives us existence.
What we give, shapes our lives. "
Winston Churchill
PADI instructor can not be a random person, that title can not be bought with money. Every candidate, before he became Instructor PADI, rents Instructor Exam (IE), which aims to test all the fullness of knowledge and teaching skills of the candidate. Unlike the vast majority of other training systems, examines PADI instructors is not the man who taught them, and a special officer of the Regional Office. This ensures an independent assessment and the level of qualification of each instructor PADI.
Instructor PADI, immediately after the assignment of the initial instructor rating in Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) gets the opportunity to teach nearly all of the initial PADI courses up to Divemaster level inclusive. Becoming Speciality Instructor, he is able to carry on relevant courses and specializations. In addition, PADI instructor is able to teach using the PADI system for teaching students, making the learning process easy and entertaining.

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