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IDC – what is this?

So, you've decided to become a PADI instructor and the next step for you is to sign up for the course IDC. However, what is this - IDC? How does it help you to become an instructor? IDC (Instructor Development Course) Within 10 days you will be trained on how to teach using the system PADI, your skills will be brought to the level of a role model. You will be taught to be a leader and successful businessman, to run courses interesting and safe.

IDC conducted by Course Director and IDC Staff Instructor. Of course, Course Director may conduct IDC alone, but we prefer to distribute lectures and evaluation of educational presentations between CD and his assistants IDC Staff Instructorami. This allows candidates to gain knowledge is multifaceted, not only through the prism of personal experience CD, but also experience other instructors working at IDC.

IDC consists of two parts. Course AI (Assistant Instructor) and programs OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor). If you write the full IDC, most likely you will not notice how the first part goes into the second.

During the IDC you:

• listen to 19 lectures

• take part in two workshops on Sales (4 "E")

• To the SWOT analysis

• spend 3 theoretical training presentations

• spend 4 training presentation in a closed water

• spend 4 training presentations in open water (two on each skill)

• take part in a seminar on Risk Management (Duty for Care)

• take part in a workshop for the DSD program in open water

• take part in a workshop for the course Advaneture in Diving

• take part in the seminar on skills in open water sapseniya

To successfully complete the IDC you have to write a written examination on the theory of diving and PADI standards by at least 75%, at least one theoretical presentation perform not less than 3.6 of the ball, at least one presentation in a closed water run for at least 3.6 points and at least one presentation in open water do not less than 3.5 points.

I can confidently tell you - these 10 days will be one of the most exciting in your life!

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